Online Fall Recreational Registration

Thank you for your interest in Dance Attitudes for the Fall 2020/21


Please read all of the NEW recreational registration policies before you register. There will be a box on the registration form to click stating that you read these pages before you register. Click here to read them.

and remember, Dance is where you make your life long friends, so make sure you start off in the right place!


Full Term Class Options By Age (Inside Only)

Full Term Options by Age

The dance year begins Saturday September 12th and ends Monday June 7th. It includes 28 weeks of classes. It is a yearly tuition broken down into ten payments. These classes are INSIDE! 2yr old classes do not have a Recital. 3yr old classes and older enjoy a recital at the end of the year! There is a current and new customer yearly membership fee taken up front per student. There is also a family recital fee charged in January (each extra student pays for a tshirt in addition).

2yr olds

3yr olds

Short Term Class Options By Age

Short Term Options by Age

The dance year begins Saturday, September 12th and ends Monday, November 23rd. It includes 8 weeks of classes. It is a one-time tuition. There are options for classes that are given INSIDE weekly & an option for a class given OUTSIDE weekly. There is NO recital for short term classes.There is a Current and New Customer Yearly Membership fee taken up front one time (yearly) per student.

2-3yr olds