The Matthew Friedman "Unforgettable" Scholarship



Donated by the 2023 DA Seniors - What a beautiful idea and tribute in such a terrific young mans name. The 2023 DA Seniors put $1600 towards this scholarship and Dance Attitudes has matched it bringing it to $3200 towards your 2023-24 Dance Tuition!


This beautiful scholarship will be given to a recipient who embodies some of the wonderful qualities that Matthew exuded. Being kind, a good friend, a hard worker, a volunteer, being academically successful in school and a great dancer (since he was a student at DA) are among some of the things we are looking for in a recipient.


Dancers who are currently High School Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors are eligible to submit applications. (Going into Sophomore, Junior, Senior year in the Fall)


If you feel as if you are not a good candidate for this year, then you need to spend the year trying to be more like Matthew and embrace all of the beautiful things he stood for! If you are in middle school, now is a good time to start trying to achieve these goals.


Once all of the Submissions are in and a decision has been made as to the recipient, we will blast Matthews name all over social media, put it on our website and hang a picture in our Dance Attitudes hallways with the good news so that Matthew’s name is never forgotten.


We know this is a gift from the 2023 DA Seniors and it was their idea but Dance Attitudes is NOW committing to making this an every year scholarship for $1600 to ensure that Matthew Friedman is "Unforgettable" at Dance Attitudes.


Due by June 15th -

A simple Google Form below must be filled out by June 15th to enter. Upon entering, you will receive instructions, Recommendation Forms & Community Service Hours Form.

Due by August 31st -

Essay, Transcript, Recommendation Forms and Community Service Hours Form will be due by August 31st . The 2023-24 Recipient of the Matthew Friedman "Unforgettable" Scholarship will be Chosen and Announced by September 15th.

1. Short Essay

2. Community Service Hours Form

3. H.S. Transcript

4. Recommendation Forms

2023 DA Seniors

Thank you for starting this wonderful "Unforgettable" Scholarship in

Matthew Friedman's name-

Julianna, Jess, Gianna (Top Row)

Ella, Alexandra, Ellie, Alyssa, Abby, Ariel, Sam, Jordyn (Middle Row)

Gabby, Jessie, Rose, Gabby, Brielle (Bottom Row)

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