Recital 2018


Robbinsville High School
155 Robbinsville Edinburg Road
Robbinsville, NJ


Recital Schedules 2018 – Which show is my child/ren in? Check to see which recital/s you are in!

Recital Order Of Shows 2018 – The orders of all three recitals are up!!

Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule 2018 – The Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedules for May 4th and May 10th are up!!

Recital Shirts – Link is up to purchase your Rectal Shirts! 

Video/Candids for Recital – Link for New Video/Candids 

Dress Rehearsal Schedule – Schedule will be listed here when it is ready! This link is where the Recital Dress Rehearsal schedule is listed. DRESS REHEARSALS FOR RECITAL ARE FRIDAY MAY 4TH AND/OR THURSDAY MAY 10TH 4:45-9:45pm. YOU WILL USUALLY HAVE ONE DAY OF DRESS REHEARSAL UNLESS YOU ARE IN MULTIPLE CLASSES. DRESS REHEARSAL USUALLY RUNS LESS THAN 2 HOURS. Exact Schedule and Important YELLOW Info will be listed here.

Recital – Order of shows – This Link will have the exact order of the dances for the program of each recital. If you have a 3 number change, it is fine but you need to change backstage (no need to email us for a 3 number change because there are lots of them). If you have a 1 or 2 number change, you will email us so we are aware to help. Please be aware, we will not change it but we need to know.




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