9AM – 12:50PM


This is the list of the dances that will perform at the pep rally:

Summer Production
Mini Troupe Jazz
Onyx Jazz
Rachel Horowitz
Amethyst Lyrical
Maroon/Midnight Hip Hop
Hunter Tap
Navy Lyrical
Ruby Jazz
Junior Acro
Midnight Lyrical
Amethyst Tap
Hunter Lyrical
Jade Tap
Broadway Kids Jazz
Skylar Simon
Tap Troupe
Royal Blue Jazz
Midnight Blue Tap
Pink Hip Hop
Lyrical Troupe
Lilac Tap
Purple Lyrical
N/M/M Jazz
Amethyst/Ruby Hip Hop
Hunter Hip Hop
Jade Jazz
Mini Troupe Hip Hop
Onyx Hip Hop
Hip Hop Troupe
Payton Riina
Step Up Jazz
Jr. Jazz Troupe
Maroon/Midnight Troupe
Ruby/Navy Tap
Amethyst Jazz
Midnight Blue Jazz
Hunter Jazz
Senior Acro
Royal Blue Lyrical
Carly Cooper
Jade Lyrical
Sr. Jazz Troupe
Broadway Kids Hip Hop
Pink Jazz
Jade Hip Hop
Navy Hip Hop
Ruby Lyrical
Maroon/Midnight Lyrical

If you would like a list of email addresses from your class to set up a party to prepare for rally, email us and we will happily help out! HAVE FUN!

This PEP RALLY is MANDATORY for all students competing in these competitions unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please email if you feel you fall into this category! The pep rally is also HIGHLY suggested (almost mandatory) for anyone not competing in the 2nd competition. It is SO much fun AND A BIG PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! If you cannot make Pep Rally, we need to know prior! ALL PREP TEAMS WILL PERFORM AT LEAST ONE DANCE AT PEP RALLY!



9am – 9:40am – HANG POSTERS

9:40am RALLY BEGINS – SENIORS GET ANNOUNCED, ALL TEAMS COMPETING IN 2ND & MOST 3RD COMPETITION WILL DANCE, PREP TEAMS ALL DO APPROX. ONE DANCE EACH. Senior soloists are dancing – No other soloists will dance at Pep rally this year!!

11:50am – DISMISSAL For All Prep Team students

12:20pm – DISMISSAL For all students who are NOT competing at the 2nd competition!

12:50pm – DISMISSAL For all students competing in 2nd competition

All Teams and Prep Teams SHOULD COME to pep rally. It is the funnest and most special time for the teams at the studio…. All teams must show school spirit for their Team/Prep-Team/Specialty Troupe. Come with the best Come up with a concept, make TEAM SPIRIT tshirts that you make with your team… Then make as many signs as you want showing spirit for your dances. As a team, one poster should be entered into the contest that has a cool idea and concept! Start thinking now of what to do and spend time with your team making your shirts and posters!! Be creative and have fun!

2nd Place Shirt (costume)
1st place Shirt (costume)

2nd Place Poster
1st Place Poster

2nd Place Concept
1st Place Concept

Overall Best –

Remember, you can make as many posters as you want and we will hang them all, but only ONE poster can be entered into the contest! Please know which one is being entered before you arrive!

Please check the Competition Dates page OFTEN for information on which dances will be competing at the 2ND/3RD competition!!!

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